The Burdo Zone


Monday, October 27, 2008

"Control Freak" 13d FA: Part I

The farmers are laughing at the sunset
and the cows are starting to howl
The wives are dancing backwards and
the police are crying "Foul";
There's no one who could dig their way
out of this air-infested hole
without a gun that hums a song
as they struggle for control

I drove down a star-lit road a while
until my passengers all bailed
There is no way to tell whether anyone else
has succeeded or they've failed;
The actor up upon that stage
is playing a minor role,
and the band is warming up their knives
while I struggle for control.

Now Princess Grace has spilled a gallon
of blood across the floor,
She does not want to let go
of her side of the door;
Removing one of two left dancing shoes
with a roadmap on the sole,
There is no need for celebration-
no more struggle for control.