The Burdo Zone


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


If you are reading this, you are one of the select few, and are to be commended, for being a) in the right time and place and b) having the curiosity and/or awareness to be at least a witness if not an actual participant, in what is to follow. A wondrous, rich, pregnant moment before "The Deluge". The rock gods are smiling and their generosity and magnanimity of what they are now bequeathing to all of us through the Diligent Few is truly the most among the most magical things I have ever witnessed. If you are one of those Diligent Few you know of which I speak. If not, please be patient. The show is about to commence, a tableaux of delectable experiences for all who thrive and dance in gravity's embrace....

Note the new page link (above) of guide revisions for "Mazama Rock"

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer is coming...

This weekend, temps are forecast near 80 in Mazama. Climb early for best conditions, then loll about the abundant watercourses to cool off before an evening session (it is light until after 9PM).

Prime Rib should be in well, Prime condition (usually there are cooling breezes in PM), but unfortunately Restless Natives looks to be wet for another few weeks. Gate Creek is roaring full, so while Fire Wall will be excellent, the crossing over to Rough Cut is blocked by a wall of whiteness. Hopefully, the limestone sector at Prospector should be largely dry. I will be making an effort to replace the ratty fixed lines on Prospector accessing the far right (South) side.

Thanks to Jerry Daniels for adding a bolt to the crux of "the Butler Did It" 11b at Prospector, rendering it safe. Don't forget to try my retro-fitted "Two Bolts Or Not 10b" at Fun which is now ten bolts and STILL 10b, When in doubt, bring extra draws, as bolts have been added to a few other routes as well (see earlier updates).

I have been prepping some new offerings, and look forward to sharing some exciting new areas as the season progresses. Sport, Trad, Hybrid (mixed) and bouldering...stay tuned!

Control Freak 13+

This is a link-up of "Beta Male" to "Out Of Control" in the Woof, Canine Crag. This and it's variant, "The Easy Way Out" 13, are among the steepest routes in the grade in the U.S.. More steepness is on it's way....